What we do

hands-on-hospitality specialises in operational hospitality training focusing on value addition to the guest experience. Rather than advising you how to run your business, we embark on a journey with you and develop concepts and strategies together with your team. We take a hands-on-approach when working with your team.

We agree on the scope of work and define the outcome together. Only when the outcome matches the set scope of work and you are satisfied, we consider the job done. 

...we engage your team in quality management

Your guests expect value for money.

Clearly defined quality standards and standard practice instructions help your team to understand expected performance. We assist by:

  • developing your specific standard specifications for all products & services, matching your vision and your mission.
  • setting up your intranet and publishing the full set of SPIs / SOPs for your team to access via digital devices (computers, tablets, smart phones).
  • Introducing a daily standard training program, giving your team the right tool to bridge the gap between the shelf where the standards are kept and the actual workplace where they apply.

...we introduce the emotional guest experience

Exceeding guest expectations leads to increased credibility, more loyalty and higher guest expenditure. To achieve this, you need to touch your guests emotions. We help you to achieve this through training:

  • understanding quality and engaged service
  • understanding and anticipating guests needs
  • committment to the set standards
  • passion for the trade

In our training, your team gets to analyse your guest journey and learns how to add value to each touch point.   

…we facilitate projects

Ideas will become reality if they are properly translated into a project. No matter how small or how big the idea is, professional project management assists to successfully introduce any new concept, product or service. 

A 3rd party project leader brings in an open mind and adds value by impartial and fact oriented guidance.  

Together with your team, we 

  • define the scope, the budget and the responsibilities
  • set a binding time schedule with milestones and goals
  • plan the communication and the communication channels
  • audit every project step and follow-up on deviation

…we invent and re-invent

To remain attractive and keep guest loyalty high, products and services have to evolve periodically, existing products and services have to be questioned, evlauated, adjusted, corrected or simply re-invented. Creativity and courage is the key to success. We can assist you with:

  • product evaluation
  • product improvement plan
  • product development

…we measure & evaluate

Only if you know where you stand, will you be able to plan your next moves effectively and successfuly. To improve your operations performance, the following key indicators give you the correct feedback to strategically plan your future:

  • team member performance evaluation and improvement plan
  • guest feedback on product quality, service standards and emotional engagement
  • competitor checks

We will help you to develop the right tools customised to your requirement or assist you by proposing an accurate standard solution available through 3 party vendors.

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